I believe that we are all on our own journey of self-discovery and feel more connected and empowered when we have someone to accompany us on our journey during difficult moments in our lives which help us to know that we are not alone and as well as to assist us in moving through those moments with more self-compassion, insight and clarity.

I am currently an MSW Intern at Golden Willow Counseling. I received my bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) in 2018 and will graduate in May 2020 with my master’s degree in social work (MSW). I have Interned at Children, Youth, Family Department (CYFD) from 2017-2018, Taos Municipal School District at Ranchos and Enos Elementary from 2018-2019, and at Golden Willow Counseling from 2019-present.

Karen Putman-Engle
MSW Intern