Golden Willow Counseling’s mission is to support individuals, couples, families, and organizations in their pursuit to improve their quality of life emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually with the support of compassionate and caring mental health professionals

Our vision is to be available for communities throughout Northern New Mexico and to help support individuals of all ages their families, and organizations with professional mental health support in their time of need.

Core Values

Safety: To provide service and an atmosphere that provides safety to clients and providers, emotionally, physically, spiritually and intellectually.

Respect: To provide respect for the individual, family and communities we serve.

Service: To provide a 100% effort for impeccable service to our clients as well as the communities we serve.

Integrity: To demonstrate in our personal and professional lives the same ethical and moral standards we ask of our clients.

Opportunity: With each moment there is the opportunity for growth, healing and hope. Through persistence and consistence, the client moves through their resistance, while the staff stands true with unconditional and healthy support.

Equality: Each employee, client and anyone else involved with Golden Willow Counseling is given equal respect.


Children: Behavior Issues, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, School Issues, ADHD, Social Skills, Parenting, Adoption Issues, Special Needs, and Family Transitions.

Adolescents/Teens: Social Skills, Anxiety, Depression, Grief and Loss, ADHD, Behavior Issues, School Issues, Self-esteem; Eating and Weight Issues, Overweight and Obesity, Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, Stress Eating, Adoption Issues, and Substance Use Disorder.

Adults: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Issues, Grief and Loss, Parenting, Body Image, Eating and Weight Issues, Emotional Eating, Substance Use Disorder, Personal Growth, Couples, Divorce, Life Transitions, and Spiritual Growth.

Population Served

Children, Adolescents, Adult, Couples, Families

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Resources for drug use and COVID-19 risk reduction

The link below contains guidance documents, government advisories, and tools for people who use drugs and stakeholders likely to engage with people who use drugs, including: Syringe services programs and other harm reduction service providers Medications for opioid use disorder treatment providers, including emergency departments, clinicians, including opioid treatment programs Homeless service providers, including outreach, shelter, and housing Peer navigators, recovery coaches, and community health workers Criminal justice professionals, including corrections, law enforcement, court personnel, community supervision personnel, and defenders.