My experience working with families began in my career as a Midwife. I was a practicing Licensed Midwife and Certified Professional Midwife for 12 years before becoming a psychotherapist. I am in awe of the power of human beings to expand, grow and transform. I have no doubt that we have all that we need to heal within us.  

I have a Masters in Counseling and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a strong interest in working with grief, trauma, self-esteem and anxiety. I have an active practice through Golden Willow Counseling in Taos and I am also an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northern New Mexico College where I teach classes such as Issues in Death and Dying, Basic Counseling Skills, Family Systems, Group Process, Developmental Psychology and a few more.

I believe there is not just one way to treat all people, and therefore have an integrative psychotherapy outlook which combines a person-centered approach with solution-focused and mindfulness techniques. 

Certificates, Trainings, Lectures and Workshops

Hypnotherapy Training May 2017

Internal Family Systems course with Dr. Don Flory, PhD Psychologist

Meditation and Mindfulness Leadership Training, Sage Institute

David Whyte SOLACE: The Art of Asking the Beautiful Question

Robert Sapolsky Stress and Health: Lessons from a Wild Primate

The Gottmans   Gottman Couples Therapy for Treating PTSD

Stephen Zeig  Deconstructing Minuchin: A Tribute

Donald Meichenbaum Treatment of Patients with PTSD and CoOccuring Psychiatric Disorders: A Constructive Narrative Perspective

Donald Meichenbaum, Bessel van der Kolk The Neurobiology and Psychosocial Correlates of Trauma and Resilience  Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt and Otto Kernberg Couples Conflicts

Christine Padesky Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Buddhism/Mindfulness: Similarities and Differences

Sue Johnson, Dan Siegel The Significance of Attachment Science for Psychotherapy

Rob Kapilow Mozart and the Art of Listening

Sue Johnson Attachment Science: The Platform for Psychotherapy in the 21st

Harville Hendrix, Helen Hunt, Chloe Madanes, Esther Perel Family and Couples 

David Burns When Panic Attacks

Sue Johnson, Otto Kernberg Steven Levine Sex and Intimacy