I have been a full time resident of the Taos area for over 40 years and therefore knowledgeable of the unique issues facing the people of our community. I was married for 14 years and have two grown daughters both of whom still live and work in New Mexico. I enjoy hiking and working on the land and getting together with friends. Before returning to school in 1997 I worked as builder/contractor in the construction trades.

I obtained a Masters Degree in Counseling from Southwestern College in Santa Fe and am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). I have been working with individuals, couples, families and groups for over 17 years both in private practice and as a contract counselor/therapist for various nonprofit retreat centers including Golden Willow Retreat and the National Veterans Wellness and Healing Center. The focus of my work has been varied but mainly around issues of grief and loss, trauma (PTSD), addictions and overall personal growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My work includes Mindfulness, Body Centered Therapy, Brainspotting which is most effective in treating and healing victims of trauma and PTSD, Energy work, Shamanic Practice and leading healing ceremonies and rituals. I have trained extensively with various indigenous elders, shamans and medicine people from North, Central and South America in the healing potential available from Spirit through ceremony and ritual. The ceremonies and individual work in my practice assists people to work through their issues and awaken to ones true essence with a deeper sense of connection to themselves, nature, their families, communities and Spirit. I am also fluent in the Spanish language.